Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Words

Dar over at the book review blog, Peeking Between the Pages, posted a very kind review of The Simplest of Acts this morning.

And, I also managed to get some solid writing done on the short story that has been taking my attention away from the novel-in-progress. Hopefully I should have a draft completed by the end of the week.


Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

I love that she calls your stories "hauntingly beautiful" because from what I've seen, both in those stories published online and what you shared at Kenyon haunting and beautiful fit perfectly.

Moz said...

Congrats on a great review! I just went to Amazon to see the reviews there and discovered that they've somehow lost your reviews and also don't have it available for sale! You might want to look into it:

I was also going to buy it from LuLu today, but I just realized I left my credit card at home. Doh!

Mella said...

Thank you, Eileen and Moz.

You're right, I did see that Amazon is listing it as unavailable. I'm hoping it's just a temporary glitch. The reviews as still there...I think. But until it's available again, I don't think they're visible.

When I did a search under Books for "the simplest of acts" - it still showed the star's and that there are 3 customer reviews for the product - but then when you click on the book, you're right. There's nothing there.