Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I've been feeling swallowed by life lately. I write in my sleep and wake up feeling blissfully productive - without ever having touched my fingers to a keyboard. Characters flourish, stories gracefully arc, phrases turn themselves.

The reality is, I am in a slump. Creativity is blossoming, imagination is at work, the will is there - but then life comes and drags me away. Ok, perhaps that's a tad too melodramatic, especially when life comes in two forms. The first is my children, the hustle and bustle of maneuvering my family through the hoops of preschool, babysitters, work, meals, cleaning, teaching, learning, exploring, settling into sleep. Rinse and repeat. In this instance, I am dragged. There is no avoiding life.

The second is the time spent with my husband in a near catatonic state of television watching. Ok, catatonic is not a fair assessment as often I will exercise while watching, but still, it's the way my mind feels after watching an hour or two. This is the form of life swallowing that must stop. Especially with my self-imposed deadline now firmly looming on the not-so-distant horizon. December 15th. I will be done.

In the meantime, I have been invited to do a reading on October 1st at Adelle's Coffeehouse in Dover, NH. Anyone local is welcome!

And for no other reason than because photography has been my creative outlet of choice as of late, snapping photos as life swallows me whole, here are some glimpses into my world.

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Moz said...

I like the picture of Alex trying to burn a hole in Asher's head with a magnifying glass.

I used to do that with leaves.